Collection: No Approval Needed

The mainstream market often lacks diversity in its representation, particularly regarding black characters. Black girls frequently encounter merchandise that predominantly features white characters, with BAME characters, if present, relegated to the background. This lack of representation can negatively impact the self-esteem and mental health of BAME children, contributing to a broader issue of racial and environmental insensitivity in consumer products.

A study by the Cooperative Children's Book Centre found that only a small fraction of children's books feature BAME characters, highlighting a broader issue of underrepresentation in children’s media and products.

Hephzibah Workshop, under the visionary leadership of its young founder, Hephzibah who started the company at just 10 years old and is now 11, directly addresses these challenges. Hephzibah Workshop aims to address these issues by increasing the diversity and sustainability of its product range. We intend to feature more products that showcase girls from BAME communities, promoting inclusivity and representation. 

Our ‘No Approval Needed’ collection celebrates diversity and sustainability. Each item, whether it be a mug with an inspirational message, or a t-shirt featuring diverse characters, is crafted from sustainable materials and designed to make every BAME girl feel represented and valued.