Collection: Booboo’s Pledge: Save the Pandoos! 🐼

Hey friends! Did you know there are only about 1,860 giant pandas living freely in the wild today? That’s not a lot, is it? These cuddly creatures once roamed across China and even reached places like northern Vietnam and Myanmar. But now, they can only be found in six little mountain homes in China. 

But guess what? We can help them! 🌟

Every time you buy something cool from my collection, like a t-shirt or a cup with Booboo, my panda friend that I drew, you're making a big difference! With each purchase, 10% of the profits go straight to helping save the pandas! We call this our ‘Save the Pandoos’ mission!

So, not only do you get an awesome item with my special panda, Booboo, on it, but you also help real pandas get a better chance to thrive and play in the wild. 🌳💚

Join me to save the pandoos one tee at a time!

Together, we can make the world a panda-tastic place! 🐼❤️🌍


Lots of panda hugs,

Hephzibah and Booboo 🐾